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A statement from UAAO executive board:

"Recently, several leaders in our member organizations have received an invitation to RSVP for an event called “Leaders for Life,” which is an Order of Angell event. As a secret society, they do not label this event as one of their recruitment endeavors. The choice to leave Order’s name off of their event is a tenet of their secrecy, as they are involving the student body without informing them that they will be participating in an organization with a deep history of cultural appropriation and the silencing of minority groups on campus. This deception only pushes this organization’s racist history forward. Within this context, the Order is now tapping into our current leadership in order to continue their history of using the label of A/PIA activism as a deflector for their direct marginalization of other communities.

We urge our community members to not only reject these offers, but to also publicly denounce the Order for exploiting our community as decorations to their oppressive ideals. This is a means of solidarity with our own and other communities, and an effort to move in a direction to abandon our own complicity within this covert organization.

UAAO Board has constructed a personal statement to promote solidarity and education within our community. If you are tapped or invited to Order events, we invite you to post the following statement that condemns the fraudulent actions and history of Order. The statement is as follows:

'I have been invited to attend “Leaders for Life,” an event that is being organized by the Order of Angell, which is a historically racist organization that I condemn. Order is an elitist secret society on campus that has a deep history of forcibly silencing Native and indigenous cultures and communities, and this organization continues to co-opt A/PIA leadership in an effort to rescind their inherently oppressive structure. The efforts of Order to decorate their racist history with the tokenization of A/PIA activism in no way justifies anti-Native sentiment, and the refusal to name their recruitment endeavors with this history is evidence of their lack of reconciliation. Thus, I reject any offer to participate in the Order of Angell. I urge other leaders in the A/PIA community to do the same, and I stand with the organizations that have also made the decision to reject Order. While individuals on the boards of UAAO and its member organizations have participated in Order in past years, this is an opportunity to renounce the complicity that our community has exhibited. I urge anyone that is invited to the Order to reject their offer, as well as post this personal statement of denouncement in an effort to further inform our community of Order’s exploitative actions.'

Today, the protection of our own and many other communities is within your discretion.

For anyone interested in more information on Order’s history or has any comments on this situation, we are opening a portion of our next Presidents’ Circle meeting to all community members. This will occur this Thursday, November 7th at 8-9pm in the Yuri Kochiyama Lounge of South Quad. We have also attached our original Order statement below for reference."

Original Statement:

"The United Asian American Organizations (UAAO) Executive Board is issuing a formal statement condemning the Order of Angell and students in our community who are involved in it.

The Order of Angell, formerly known as “Michigamua,” has a history rooted in indigenous appropriation, elitism, and secrecy. UAAO does not stand for the exclusionary practices of this organization, James Angell, and the manifestations of what the Order of Angell has done within this campus. This group has used indigenous and Native culture under the name of honor and has not advocated for the indigenous struggles within our student community. We also condemn unproductive and inefficient notions held by many in the community that Order can be changed from within, when the most worthwhile solution would be to dismantle it.

We are prompted to write a statement due to the participation in Order by an individual representing one of UAAO’s member organizations. But even further, we condemn all the leaders in the 2019 roster and past alumni, some of whom were on our Board or in our member organizations. We especially condemn these members and we apologize for the harm UAAO caused by remaining complicit. We are mandating in our constitution that Order members can not hold positions on UAAO Board.

Our advocacy does not exist to decorate historically racist organizations. All of our labor could be much more effectively used supporting the indigenous community and other marginalized groups. We stand in support with organizations who have been historically harmed by this group, and we welcome input in order to advocate for a truly inclusive university environment."

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