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UAAO Statement on COVID-19

March 18, 2020

The UAAO Executive Board has released a statement on the COVID-19 pandemic to address the impacts of the virus and the responses to it in our own communities. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, and that this process has not been too burdensome for any of you. We understand how troubling it is, especially for those who have to juggle online classes with unexpected travel back home. Our hearts are with all students who are going through this tough period of transition, and the executive board is always open to talk with you if you are in need.

Here are useful resources from the statement: [Washtenaw County] Mutual Aid Network -

[Washtenaw County] Form to Request Aid

[Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security] Updates and Fact Sheets -

[East Coast Asian American Student Union] Student Resources on COVID-19 -

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